Disney Youth Programme – English Award Scheme 

To encourage students to participate in English activities and share their thoughts with teachers in English, we have introduced a Disney-themed award scheme. Students get stamps for their effort in learning and using English, and they get awarded when they reach a milestone. Let’s give a big hand to the award winners for their effort!

Norah Ko and Valerie Mok from P.2C, and Steven Chin from P.2A got their prizes too! An extra present for Christmas!

Victoria Lam from P.2A earned her early presents simply by talking to teachers in English. You can do it too!


Betel Chan from P.2A receives presents for his participation in English activities


Hayley Tam from P.2A earns her prizes. Hooray!


Jessica Tse from P.2D also gets her prizes. English is easy and rewarding!



Mr. Anthony is glad to award Athena Tsai and Chloe Tsang from P.6D for their effort. English is not hard!