Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Materials

Solo Verse Speaking Non-open_Boys


P1 and P2 Boys.

E51. Sounds Good 

by Judith Nicholls


Sausage sizzles,

crispbreads crack;

hot dogs hiss

and flapjacks snap!

Bacon boils

and fritters fry;

apples squelch

in apple pie.

Baked beans bubble,

gravy grumbles,

popcorn pops,

and stomach rumbles…


P1 and P2 Boys.

E52. Rickety Train Ride

by Tony Mitton


I’m taking the train to Ricketywick.

Clickety clickety clack.

I’m sat in my seat

with a sandwich to eat

as I travel the trickety track.

It’s an ever so rickety trickety train,

and I honestly thinkety think

that before it arrives

at the end of the line

it will tip up my drippety drink.

P3 Boys.

E53.My Sister’s Eating Porridge

by John Coldwell

My sister’s eating porridge
It’s going everywhere.
Up her nose and down her front;
A dollop in her hair.

My sister’s eating porridge,
She’s missed her mouth again.
Now it’s dripping off her spoon
Like lumpy porridge rain.

My sister’s eating porridge
And most is on the floor.
No wonder she is hungry
And crying out for, ‘More!’

P3 Boys.

E54. Tadpoles

by Rose Fyleman

Ten little tadpoles

playing in a pool,

‘Come,’ said the water-rat,

‘come along to school.

Come and say your tables,

Sitting in a row.’

And all the little tadpoles said,

‘No, no, no!’ 

Ten little tadpoles

swimming in and out,

Racing and diving

and turning round about.

‘Come,’ said their mother,

‘dinner-time, I guess.’

And all the little tadpoles cried,

‘Yes, yes, yes!’

P4 Boys.


by Wendy Cope


Here’s a piece of plasticine,

All hard and cold,

First of all it has to be

Squeezed and squashed and rolled.

Can you make a big long sausage?

Roll it just like that.

Can you make a little ball,

Nice and round and fat?

Now what shall we make with it?

A man? A flower? A hen?

If it isn’t any good,

We’ll squash it up again.

P4 Boys. 

E56. I’m the One Who Rules the School 

by Clive Webster

I don’t want to mislead you, 

I couldn’t tell a lie, 

But do you know who rules the school?

My little friend, ‘tis I. 

Without me you’d all struggle, 

Teachers couldn’t cope, 

Education officers 

Would blindly guess and grope. 

The secretary would resign, 

The Head would go insane, 

The caretaker would lose his job – 

Coz I’m the modern ‘brain’. 

I’m the one who says what’s what, 

I’m the senior tutor, 

I’m the one who rules the school –

Coz I’m the school computer…!


P5 Boys.


by June Crebbin


I hate it, in the holiday,

When Grandma brings her pets to stay –

Her goat, her pig, her seven rats

Scare our dog and chase our cats.

Her budgies bite, her parrots shout –

And guess who has to clean them out?

My other Gran, the one I like,

Always brings her motor-bike,

And when she takes me for a ride

To picnic in the countryside,

We zoom up hills and whizz round bends –

I hate it when her visit ends!


P5 Boys.

E58. Guinea Pig

by Julia Donaldson


I don’t need a tin of cat food

Or toad in the hole for my tea,

But grain I can munch and carrots to crunch,

That’s the right kind of food for me,

I don’t need a tank to swim in.

I don’t want a nest in a tree,

But hay in a hutch I’d like very much.

That’s the right kind of home for me. 

I don’t need a field with cows in:

A pen’s big enough to feel free,

With grass I can eat right under my feet.

That’s the right kind of space for me.

Please don’t rub my fur the wrong way:

Just think and I’m sure you’ll agree

That hands which can stroke and don’t pinch and poke

Are the right kind of hands for me.

P6 Boys.

E59. Magic Shoes

by Brian Moses 

I’ve got a pair of magic shoes

they take me to the moon.

Dad says, ‘Watch out for the rockets,’

and Mum says, ‘Come back soon.’

I’ve got a pair of magic shoes

they take me to the stars,

and sometimes if I’m early,

I’ll stop for tea on Mars.

I’ve got a pair of magic shoes

I can jump as high as a school,

I can walk up walls like Spiderman,

and act like I’m really cool. 

I’ve got a pair of magic shoes

I can dance like a disco king,

they spring me up to the rooftops,

they let me do anything. 

But what if I had some magic socks,

some magic underwear too!

With a magic suit of clothes

there’s nothing I couldn’t do!

P6 Boys.

E60. Spaghetti! Spaghetti

by Jack Prelutsky 

Spaghetti! spaghetti!

you’re wonderful stuff,

I love you, spaghetti,

I can’t get enough.

You’re covered with sauce

and you’re sprinkled with cheese,

spaghetti! spaghetti!

oh, give me some please. 

Spaghetti! spaghetti!

piled high in a mound,

you wiggle, you wriggle,

you squiggle around.

There’s slurpy spaghetti

all over my plate

spaghetti! spaghetti!

I think you are great. 

Spaghetti! spaghetti!

I love you a lot,

You’re slishy, you’re sloshy,

delicious and hot,

I gobble you down

oh, I can’t get enough,

spaghetti! spaghetti!

you’re wonderful stuff.  

Solo Verse Speaking Non-open_Girls


P1 and P2 Girls.

E20. A Chubby Little Snowman,



A chubby little snowman

Had a carrot nose; 

Along came a rabbit

And what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny,

Looking for his lunch,

ATE the snowman’s carrot nose…

Nibble, nibble, CRUNCH!

P1 and P2 Girls.

E21. Witch, Witch

by Rose Fyleman


‘Witch, witch, where do you fly?’…

‘Under the clouds and over the sky.’

‘Witch, witch, what do you eat?’…

‘Little black apples from Hurricane Street.’

‘Witch, witch, what do you drink?’…

‘Vinegar, blacking and good red ink.’

‘Witch, witch, where do you sleep?’…

Up in the clouds where pillows are cheap.’

P1 and P2 Girls.

E22. Gone

by Eric Finney


I had it today

For just an hour,

Then, tugged away

By the wind’s power

It sailed off free

Above the crowd,

High as a tree,

High as a cloud,

High as the moon,

High as the sun,

My blue balloon,

Has gone, gone, gone.

P3 Girls.

E23. Hair drier

by Maggie Holmes

My mum’s hair drier 

buzzes like a bee

Looks like a ray gun

When she points it at me.

‘Into the bath now, 

to shampoo your hair,

then out for a rub-down 

and a blow of hot air.’

It prickles my head 

and tingles my ears,

It tickles my neck 

as it zooms and it whirrs. 

It whizzes and whooshes

and buzzes at me

It sounds much more like

a bad-tempered bee!

P3 Girls.

E24. Cats

by Eleanor Farjeon


Cats sleep


Any table,

Any chair,

Top of piano,


In the middle,

On the edge,

Open drawer,

Empty shoe,


Lap will do,

Fitted in a

Cardboard box,

In the cupboard

With your frocks –


They don’t care!

Cats sleep


P3 Girls.

E25. Summer Days

by Anne English


I’m looking for a hot spot.

A what spot?

A hot spot.

I’m looking for a hot spot.

To lie out in the sun.

I’m looking for a hot spot

To play and have some fun.

I’m looking for a hot spot

To hit a ball and run.

Oh, I’m looking for a hot spot.

A what spot?

A hot spot.

I’m looking for a hot spot

Now summer has begun.

P4 Girls.

E27. Magic Horse

by John Foster


Black horse,

Magic horse,

Carry me away,

Over the river,

Across the bay

To the sandy beach

Where I can play.

Black horse,

Magic horse,

Carry me away,

Over the seas

To the forest trees

Where I can watch

The tiger cubs play.

Black horse,

Magic horse,

Carry me away,

To Arctic snows

Where the cold wind blows

Where I can watch

The polar bears play.

Black horse,

Magic horse,

Carry me away,

To golden sands

In far away lands

Where the sea is blue

And I can play all day.

P4 Girls.

E26. Cross Katy

by Julia Donaldson

Katy didn’t want to play, 

Not at all, not all day. 

‘Come on, Katy, let’s play tig!’

‘No,’ said Katy. ‘I’m too big.’ 

‘What about a game of ball?’ 

‘No, I don’t like that at all.’ 

‘Do you want to climb a tree?’ 

‘You can if you like, not me.’ 

‘Well then, let’s play hide and seek.’ 

‘We played that silly game last week.’ 

‘Skipping then? That’s good,’ I said. 

But Katy only shook her head. 

So off I went and played with Sue.

Then Katy said, ‘Can I play too?’

P4 Girls.

E28. The New Generation

by Angela Topping


Wizards look like everyday folk

despite what you’ve been told.

We don’t have long white whiskers

nor are we very old.

We don’t go round in trailing robes

except on special days;

those pointed hats are stylish

but out of the usual way.

We don’t wear silver stars and moons

embroidered on our clothes;

we never wear those pointy shoes

they’re murder on the toes.

I like to wear my Levi’s,

roar up and down the street 

on my Ducati motorbike,

Doc Martens on my feet.

I’m part of a new generation

of wizard girls, we’re cool!

No one dares to mess with me

Female wizards rule!

P5 Girls.

E29. Question Time

by Julia Donaldson


How many books have you written?

Have you been writing for years?

Where do you get all the paper?

Where do you get your ideas?

Do you get bumps on your fingers?

Do you get aches in your wrist?

Please can I go to the toilet?

Did you write “Oliver Twist”?

I’ve got a book about spiders.

I’ve got a cut on my knee.

I’ve got an aunt who speaks German.

Gemma keeps tickling me. 

Are you quite old? Are you famous?

Are you a millionaire?

I wasn’t putting my hand up –

I was just twiddling my hair. 

How many plays have you written?

Do you write one every day?

Do you… oh dear, I’ve forgotten

What I was going to say. 

Will you be staying to dinner?

Will you go home on the bus?

How many poems have you written?

Will you write one about us?

P5 Girls.

E30.Mopsy and Me

by Eleanor McLeod


I have a rabbit all furry and brown,

I decided to call her Mopsy;

Her coat is long and as soft as down,

And her ears are warm and floppy. 

Her eyes are bright, shiny and beady,

Her whiskers are straight and silver,

She’s round and fat and ever so greedy

And her nose is always a-quiver. 

My Dad has made her a beautiful hutch

In the garden beneath the Beech tree,

She never seems to do very much,

Just shuffles and looks at me. 

Sometimes I think she is seeming to say

“I am happy from dawn to day’s end

With such a nice place to rest or play

And you as my very best friend.”

P5 Girls.

E31.Look Out!

by Max Fatchen


The witches mumble horrid chants,

You’re scolded by five thousand aunts,

A Martian pulls a fearsome face

And hurls you into Outer Space,

You’re tied in front of whistling trains,

A tomahawk has sliced your brains,

The tigers snarl, the giants roar,

You’re sat on by a dinosaur.

In vain you’re shouting ‘Help’ and ‘Stop’,

The walls are spinning like a top,

The earth is melting in the sun

And all the horror’s just begun.

And, oh, the screams, the thumping hearts

That awful night before school starts.

P6 Girls.

E32.The Tree and the Pool

by Brian Patten


“I don’t want my leaves to drop,” said the tree.

“I don’t want to freeze,” said the pool.

“I don’t want to smile,” said the sombre man,

“Or ever to cry,” said the Fool.

“I don’t want to open,” said the bud,

“I don’t want to end,” said the night.

“I don’t want to rise,” said the neap-tide,

“Or ever to fall,” said the kite. 

They wished and they murmured and whispered,

They said that to change was a crime.

Then a voice from nowhere answered,

“You must do what I say,” said Time.

P6 Girls.

E33.The Box

by John Kitching


There’s a box in the cupboard

Under the stairs.

It is filled with old toys.

There are rabbits and bears,

Old puzzles and games,

A broken train,

A doll that my sister

Left out in the rain.

There’s a tea-set, a jigsaw,

A few building bricks,

A bit of a bike

That my Dad couldn’t fix.

There’s a gun bought by Grandad,

And an old cowboy hat.

There’s a broken guitar

And the tail of a cat.

The box is crammed full

With old toys, and it seems

It is also crammed full

With old memories and dreams.

P6 Girls. 

E34. Percy 

by Mary Green

I keep a secret in my room, 

A pig called Percy. 

He lives in a sty under the bed. 

He’s no trouble. 

A bit noisy – Percy likes to dance a jig –

But he’ll eat anything, 

Old socks,

Orange peel, 

School reports,

Dentist’s appointments,


He’s especially handy when Mum’s spring-cleaning,

Rooting around or being a busybody.

Although, last week I had a shock.

She called to me from the kitchen,

‘Have you cleaned out that pigsty yet?’

She’s no fool, my mother,

She might have heard Percy dancing.

So I’ve taught him the soft-shoe-shuffle,

As a precaution.